Find Your Niche To Attract Dream Clients You Love

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    “You will leave with clarity on why you need a niche, how to pick your aligned niche, and start the process of uncovering yours.”

    Kavita Melwani

    Jungian Business & Success Coach

    What you get:

    If you want to dive into having a clear niche and you know that it is time for you to shine your light, then join me for this powerful 90- minute Interactive masterclass.

    Special Bonus if you show up live and you will be able to answer questions and receive guidance during the class.

    What is it all about?

    Although I don’t believe you “should” do anything if you want to call in your dream clients, being clear about who you serve is the lighthouse to attract them to you.

    In this class, we will:

    *Share why niching down matters and how having an aligned niche can impact your business.

    *Discuss how to overcome the common challenges spiritual entrepreneurs face when choosing a niche.

    *Experience and learn the most aligned way to pick your niche

    *Leave with a roadmap to uncover and clarify your niche